Dealer approved or Insurance approved?

It should be noted that 'Insurance approved' repairers don't always
ensure any quality of workmanship....

Insurers almost always phone around all their approved repair shops
looking for the cheapest quote, in return for promises of a high
volume of work, this can tie the repairer down and in an effort to
keep up with the volume of work, repairs may be done hastily and
without the necessary due care and attention.

Some repairs are even outsourced to non approved repair workshshops
resulting in a loss of quality control and all too often the customer is
left unhappy at the work carried out.

This is bad practice by insurers and is why we prefer to get the bulk
of our work from dealers, avoiding this headache and helping us
maintain quality assurance standards every time.

At Autocraft we rely on our reputation and word of mouth.
We have worked hard to become dealer approved and operate on a
much smaller scale than many other Insurance approved repair shops
thus maintainging our work ethic of quality control.